Rajneesh ChaturvediHi,  Thanks for checking out Indian Ethos . I am a big fan of Bhagvad Gita and Vedic Scriptures and is exploring Sanatan Dharma to discover deeper insights of Hinduism. The blog “Indian Ethos” is written to share these discoveries with the rest of the world.

About Indian Ethos

Aim of this blog is to bring the philosophies of Hinduism and Vedic Scriptures at one platform and analyze its relevance and application in real world today. It also drives the point that most difficult and crisis situations of life can also be dealt easily by adopting age old and time tested principles of Indian Ethos.


These principles of Indian Ethos are those amazing gems of Sanatan Dharma, which either we are not aware of , or do not think it is worth knowing and implementing in our daily lives. At times the rituals and practices like Sati Pratha, Baal Vivah (Child Marriage) , Casteism are quoted in the name of Sanatan Dharma to mislead the new generation, and good things of this Dharma are not taught to the youngsters. Highlighting the fact that these so called rituals were originally not even part of Sanatan Dharma and are said to make its way into the Hindu Practices over a period of time diluting the overall essence of Sanatan Dharma. The Aim of Indian Ethos is to present the Vedic Culture to Modern Age World in its purest form and to drive the point that it is not only totally relevant in today’s era, but a lot of People, Institutions, and Organisations are benefiting from it.

Concepts like Meditation, Pranayam, Eight Fold Yoga, Harnessing of Mind, Japam, Thought Culture and many more are few such gems of this infinite ocean of knowledge and bliss, that I will try to cover in this blog.

Jai Maa!









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