Kumbh Mela 2013Kumbh Mela is the biggest gathering of people in the world where people from all over the country come down to the festival to take a dip in Holy Water of its sacred river. This year it is at river Ganges at Prayag, Allahabad. As per a report this year total gathering of 10 Crore people is expected.

There are various legends behind the cause of this Grand Festival- The most famous is of the war between gods & demons for the Amrit (Nectar of Immortality). During this war for 12 days, few drops of the Amrit fell from the Kumbh (the vessel) on four cities of India

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Sri Krishna Janmashtami


Krishna Janmashtami –  a GRAND Festival


For Years Sri Krishna’s birth is being celebrated with great excitement all across the world on the day also known as Sri Krishna Janmashtami, which is the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month as per Hindu Calender. People celebrate this day by decorating various idols of Lord Krishna, Temple Premises and by fasting as a symbol of taking new resolutions on this sacred day and as a token of love, affection and devotion to Krishna. Krishna is said to take birth at midnight of Dwapar Yuga at Mathura somewhere in UP State when the whole Mathura and nearby villages of Gokul, Vrindavan were drenched by heavy rains. In the light of this fact people celebrate the festival by fasting all day till midnight. At exact midnight hour temple bells ring, conchshells sounded and kettledrums are beaten to announce the birth of Lord Krishna and aarties performed for his idols. People break their fast by distributing the prasadams in faithful in the form of Panchamrat. [Read more…]