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Strong Will Power


It is unfortunate that today in our fast paced life; various means to survive in the competition are confused as Goals of life. Whether it is our work place or home, we are so engaged in our predictive rituals of daily routine, in achieving our short term goals that we hardly have any time to stop and introspect about our real goals of life, and things like material achievements at work place have become   our goals. We forget that these are actually means but not goals, means to survive, sustain and achieve our real goals.Continue reading

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah

Why Everything in Cosmos Should be Governed by DHARMA

Why everything in Cosmos should be governed by Dharma- To understand this we must be able to first of all understand the definition of Dharma. Vedic culture looks at it in a very broad perspective and do not limit its meaning to the domain of a specific religion.

Principal power of coherence which enables the proper functioning of any system is called Dharma. We all are part of one or the other system governed by some intelligent laws. Whether it is the rotation of planet in our solar system or process of metabolism done by the microscopic cells in our bodies, all are following a system operated by some set of laws. These laws are governing the entire cosmos and are uniformly applicable on every system- like Digestive System, Ecological System, and Solar System…. Continue reading

Valid Means of Knowledge


From the very beginning of the cosmos man is trying to find out the answers of various complex and eternal questions about its creation and about its creator both. Scientists are claiming with the help of new and advanced technology they shall be able to recreate the Big bang like situation in their labs which will give us the answers of most of those questions. They shall study the laboratory observation and on the basis of analogy will try to make out what would have happened at the time actual Big Bang or at the start of the creation. But this whole observation will be based on the fact or assumption that the cosmos actually starts with a Big Bang. In our Sanatan Dharma shastras we call such means of acquiring knowledge as Anumana(Inference) and Upama (Comparison).

Even if we are able to make out the facts about the cause of start of the universe, mysteries about its creator will remain unresolved. The ultimate Cause of this cause, the Supreme Brahman- GOD will remain undiscovered. Shastras scriptures advise four valid means of knowledge (Pramanas) to know more about Supreme BrahmanContinue reading