human race need for religion


( Based on one of the Speeches of Swami Vivekanand delivered in London)

Power Of A Religionhuman race need for religion

Religion is something that  unite people and divide people. It is one single force out of so many other forces which tend to carve the destiny of human race. It is this bond which at times is so stronger of all other forces that it supersedes the bonds of race or even nation. People with same religion tend to stood by each other, with a much greater strength. But at the same time people from same nation could not bear each other because of the same bond of religion.Continue reading

Powers of mind

What is Mind and How does it connect us to the Cosmos

The Mind has Infinite Potential:Mind has got infinite potential

It is said that we as inhabitants of the planet Earth have always taken all the precious things given to us by GOD for granted. Whether it is natural resources of the planet- air, water, vegetation or it is the five senses of our body to perceive this world. The mind is also one among those which we never valued. There are two basic reasons behind it- 

1- It is given free to us and is available with every human being on the Earth.

2- Man is still not aware of the infinite powers/ capabilities mind possess that can let him manifest almost everything in the Cosmos.

Taking the example of the Stephen Hawking who inspite of his rare and deadly motor neurone disease had proved himself to the world as a great Scientist- all because he was aware of the infinite potential of his mind, and used same manifesting great will power.Continue reading

Powers of mind


This is in continuation to our previous article “Becoming Unstoppable – one unique thing to develop for achieving everything in Life”.

Strong Will Power

The article was all about Will Power to be developed to achieve almost everything in Life. Whenever we fail, whenever we fall short of our goals and when we analyse the reason of same. We find, there was some or the other task, which was not done or half-heartedly done due to lack of will power. We commit errors and face tragedies in life because we lack will power. Inspite of the fact that we know what is good for us, and what will help us progress, yet we are unable to find strength to pursue the required course of action. We know what is harmful for us, and which habit of ours is to be completely eliminated, yet we could not perform the actions in line on ground reality. Dangerous pictures of cancer patient on a cigarette pack also cannot stop a smoker to smoke. Does it mean he does not want to get rid of smoking? No it is only his lack of will which controls his actions.Continue reading

Hindu Calender System - Panchang

Hindu New Year – Vikram Samvat & The Concept Behind It

How I Created a Scene On Hindu Calender System:-

Year 1989..That was my first day at Spring Dale College Class IVth. I was just 10 years old from a Hindu Hindu Calender System - Panchangand spiritually inclined family.I was very excited as I entered the gate of that big college campus. It is another matter that in those days I was still not aware of my myopia, and had still not started wearing glasses, because of which every thing beyond a certain radius sounded huge for me. And the world was big and blurred beyond that radius for me.

It happened when Mr. Sharp, our class teacher started taking attendance, like others at my turn he shouted my name also –Rajneesh Chaturvedi!! But after my ‘Present Sir he did not switch to the next student in turn, but asked my date of birth, which was probably not filled by me in the admission form.

Now it is at this point that the Scene started building for me, and I was never embarrassed that much in my life. It started with my reply— “Sir my birthday falls on second day of Rakhi!!!” It was all I knew about my birthday. Our family used to celebrate it as per Hindu Calender and tithi which everytime used to fall on second day of Rakhi (another Hindu Festival widely celebrated in North India). Though I could not see the facial expression of Mr. Sharp as the world was blurred at that distance for me (Oh yes I used to think it is same for everybody)But I was able to feel something stupid about myself when I saw the surprised expression of my classmate sitting next to me. Then I heard Mr. Sharp’s voice- “I want date of birth dear as per English calender, I am not concerned when you celebrate it”.Continue reading

Will Power

Becoming Unstoppable : One Unique Thing to Nurture for Achieving Everything in Life

How Many times, you take a resolution with a very firm belief to break a bad habit, and later break the resolutionWill Poweritself. How many times you planned brilliantly for a venture and proceeded with a hope  for a sure shot success, but later you land up in an unfortunate failure. To be very honest it happens unlimited number of times in everyone’s life. If this was something rare, our lives would be a bed of roses. If all our ventures used to materialize as planned without fail, we all would be the Lucky Man of our worlds. Because we all plan things very beautifully , we take resolutions for the betterment of our lives. The only problem is that when we plan, we do it as per logic utilizing all the grey matter  we are equipped with. But when the time of implementation comes, our mind take over the charge and disapproves all what was proposed by our brain. This is the story of almost 99.99 % of the human population.Continue reading