October 17


Becoming Unstoppable : One Unique Thing to Nurture for Achieving Everything in Life

By Rajneesh

How Many times, you take a resolution with a very firm belief to break a bad habit, and later break the resolutionWill Poweritself. How many times you planned brilliantly for a venture and proceeded with a hope  for a sure shot success, but later you land up in an unfortunate failure. To be very honest it happens unlimited number of times in everyone’s life. If this was something rare, our lives would be a bed of roses. If all our ventures used to materialize as planned without fail, we all would be the Lucky Man of our worlds. Because we all plan things very beautifully , we take resolutions for the betterment of our lives. The only problem is that when we plan, we do it as per logic utilizing all the grey matter  we are equipped with. But when the time of implementation comes, our mind take over the charge and disapproves all what was proposed by our brain. This is the story of almost 99.99 % of the human population.

Remaining ones are considered very lucky, as whatever assignment they take, is perceived to be completed successfully magically. I am sure you must be having one or the other name at the tip of your tongue of those people who are very lucky in your eyes. Who seems to have taken birth with a Magic Pot. As they apparently accomplish everything and anything  almost effortlessly.  Friends -you know what …it cannot be simply luck. Being lucky is obviously not a criteria to overcome all those obstacles which we cannot face but ‘they’ simply knock all of that with their little efforts and off course the similar planning. There has to be something else which gives them strength to sustain in their efforts, to act on what they think or plan.

So friends let me tell you something – we all plan well, after analyzing it deep we will find that our venture was never a failed project, it is only that we could not complete all the steps planned earlier by us only for that venture. It is only that we could not act appropriately in time may be because of our lack of will or self confidence. And this is true in 90% of such cases in our life. You can immediately confirm it by referring such incidents in your life. Have you taken all the required steps to proceed further or to remove an obstacle in your path to a decided goal. Did you really fail in an assignment in the end really or you had simply given up before the end in midway without even trying all the planned processes and steps. You will realize most of the times you allowed yourself to fail, because either you lost interest in the goal set by you earlier or you came across something more shiny. You simple did not have enough of will power to be able to persist till the end.

This article series is all about Will Power which is actually that one unique thing required in your life to make you unstoppable. It is this one single thing which gives ‘them’ magical touch and ‘they’ seem to achieve everything effortlessly. Will Power is one common factor of success in any work. We may say that preparing for a world cup required different kind of effort than preparing for a dance performance, but one key factor in any achievement is will power. Without this, a sportsperson cannot motivate himself to play long hours, nor will a dancer be prepared to spend long hours in dance practice. Lack of will power is something which diverts your attention to other shiny objects of the world. It is this lack of will power because of which you allow yourself to surrender against the smallest of the obstacles in your path to success.


The degree of success varies in proportion to will power. In fact, this is true of any endeavor, even in the field of spiritual development. In the absence of will- power, all talents, qualities and endeavors come to nothing.

We are aware of the exact plan to succeed. We know of our bad habits to be eliminated ruthlessly, we also know of our good skills to be nurtured scientifically. But we could not do all that we want to, because we are unable to gather strength to pursue our own set course of action in the absence of will- power. Our mind always take advantage of our lack of will power, like a disobedient chauffeur and takes charge of our life and drive us to a compromising and unwanted situation. Our Great Warrior Arjuna also says in Bhagvad Gita that:-

 BHagvad Gita Management

“chanchalam hi manah krishna
pramathi balavad drdham
tasyaham nigraham manye
vayor iva su-duskaram” Chapter 6.34


which means:-


This mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong, O Krishna, and to subdue it, to control it, I think, is more difficult than controlling the wind.

To accomplish all our goals and achievements in life, it is mandatory for us to develop will- power and succeed.


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