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Various Types of Yoga


Yoga is being a buzzword for last few years in the youth, where it is considered more of a tool to showcase a different lifestyle than a necessary holistic approach to make body healthier in a natural way. People do various kinds of exercises and tricks with their bodies without understanding the intricacies of what they are doing. I am not discouraging it as at least in the name of yoga some kind of body exercise is being done, which is better than doing nothing for the body.Continue reading

Mantra Yoga – Importance of Japa in Hinduism

Mantras are the ancient Sanskrit rhymes discovered by great seers (saints) in various yugas. The words are scientifically arranged in such a way and the way these are recited in a specific tone – that it leaves a definite vibrational effect on its surroundings. These vibrations have got the capacity to manifest divine energies in the environment.

A word or a group of words in a mantra consists of certain Beeja Aksharas (seed letters) which have dormant powers associated with it and just like a seed when taken care grows into a tree, the beej mantras also start exhibiting their powers over a period of time after continuous practice.

As per an experiment the different types of sound vibrations are able to produce different types of images on sand. As Mantras are not just a simple arrangement of sanskrit words but scientifically discovered phrases by saints, the vibrations produced by recitation of it have a definite impact on our human body. It leaves a positive vibrations on our body chakras and helps in harnessing our psychophysical energy system. Repetition of these mantras systematically in a specific fashion for a period of time to achieve a goal is called Japa Yoga.Continue reading