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Turiya : What is Turiya as per Vedic Scriptures

Turiya Fourth State in Meditation

The Mandukya Upanishad describes Turiya as following:-

“Turiya is not which is conscious of the inner (subjective world), nor that which is conscious of  (objective) world, nor that which is conscious of both, not that which is mass of consciousness. It is unperceived (by any sense organs), incomprehensible (to the mind), unrelated (to any object), uninferrable , unthinkable, and indescribable. It is essentially of the nature of consciousness , constituting the self alone, and is the negation of all phenomena; it is the peace, bliss and One without a second. It is known as Turiya. It is Atman, and it is to be realised.Continue reading

States of Meditation

define meditation

Define Meditation :-

Now after the two posts on Meditation, time has come that we should try giving it a definition. Although Mediation is something very vast and cannot be summarised in limited words. Only those will  understand it who experiences it day in and day out. And in this process they keep on discovering the insights of this wonderful process. Our experiences during practical Sadhana in Meditation are our best teachers on this intense and vast subject. The more we do it, the more we cam closer to our own Divine Self.

There are generally three components of meditation first is the meditator himself, second is the process taken for meditation and third is the object of meditation.

The meditation is a process of contemplation where the meditator, the object of meditation and as well as the process of meditation itself merges in to one. One is able to realise his  true soul by transcending all his body chakras reaching a state of Turiya. One achieves the stillness he has been longing for his life and experience the ultimate and true bliss.

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What is Meditation :-The Deeper Meaning & How does it work

meditation achieving stillness

Introduction to Meditation

In our last post on this topic we introduces meditation, and some of its basic insights. We tried to define it as a type of concentration quite often to cultivate a specific thought in our mind in order to achieve stillness and get rid of all other negative thoughts of mind (which can also be termed as defects of mind). You can read this post on basics of meditation here.Continue reading

Powers of mind

What is Mind and How does it connect us to the Cosmos

The Mind has Infinite Potential:Mind has got infinite potential

It is said that we as inhabitants of the planet Earth have always taken all the precious things given to us by GOD for granted. Whether it is natural resources of the planet- air, water, vegetation or it is the five senses of our body to perceive this world. The mind is also one among those which we never valued. There are two basic reasons behind it- 

1- It is given free to us and is available with every human being on the Earth.

2- Man is still not aware of the infinite powers/ capabilities mind possess that can let him manifest almost everything in the Cosmos.

Taking the example of the Stephen Hawking who inspite of his rare and deadly motor neurone disease had proved himself to the world as a great Scientist- all because he was aware of the infinite potential of his mind, and used same manifesting great will power.Continue reading

Meditation Basics

Introducing Meditation – 5 Insights On Meditation for Spiritual Seekers

Meditation Basics

Meditation is a subject of universal interest. It is practiced in different forms across all traditions and serve  as a source of inspiration to the spiritual seekers all over the world. It is considered to be the best way to control mind and use its infinite powers to get not only the worldly objects but also to realize Supreme Divine within ourselves. This will be the first Post in the series of Meditation introducing its basic insights and then later we will try to unfold the topic as much as possible in the subsequent posts.Continue reading