Failures in life often disappoint us and weaken our belief in self. In the beginning we start to undertake our journey Life Struggleswith full zeal and enthusiasm and resort to face all the obstacles in the way to success with a positive outlook.

We promise ourselves that hardships of life will not be the hindrance to our goals and there will not be any shortfall in our efforts to achieve long term and short term goals of our life. With all our ambitions and aspirations, when we face failure at the very first place, it is like all our dreams are broken and lost forever, and inspite of all our efforts to recover from that sudden setback, we feel that negative forces originating from our emotions, are driving us in the entirely opposite direction and are not allowing us to arise and try again to reconstruct our dreams. People many times looking at the intensity of these forces, consider failure as their fate and do not have the courage to come out of their dispassion. [Read more…]

Harness Your Samskaras – To Refine Your Karma Profiling & Change Your Destiny

It is said that everything is fixed and decided before hand in this world.  The law of Karma do not allow us to get more than what isKarma Samskaras destined for us because of our previous deeds (Karma). There is no error in the programming of Supreme Divine which has got the system to maintain all the records of deeds (karma) for every body and accordingly one’s fate is decided. Now this very concept many times misguide us by giving birth to a debate that if everything is pre decided , then why one should take an effort to change his destiny, Why one should follow the path of Karma Yoga, if verdict of fate cannot be altered as per same law of karma? [Read more…]

Key to Better Decision Making –Identify And Remove Three Defects of Mind

The existence of Bhagavad Gita in Mahabharata itself is because of lack of decision making when Arjuna was overpowered

Swami Sivanand on Mind

Milk is agreeable to some and disagreeable to others. There is nothing wrong with the milkitself. Surely, there is something wrong with the mind

by his negative emotions and he was not able to take right decisions due to lack of right vision. His vision was clouded with fear, attachment and despondency. At that time what Lord Krishna taught is the most efficient counseling done by any Management Guru ever in infinite time. The timeless poetry from the mouth of Lord is although the part of the Mahabharata, but is considered as self sufficient Upanishad in itself.

Gita stresses on taming mind for better control over our actions as per Dharma. Mind is one such tool given to mankind free of cost by nature but is worthy of a life time wealth. A crystal clear mind helps one to take better decisions in life leading to all types of success at personal, professional and offcourse spiritual front.

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Yoga of Renunciation – The Ultimate Solution to all your Fears

Yoga of Renunciation bhartihari

Bhoge rogabhayam kule chyutibhayam vitte nrpaladbhayam,

Mane dainyabhayam bale ripubhayam rupe jaraya bhayam.

Shastre vadibhayam gune khalbhayam kay ekratantadbhayam,

Sarv vastu bhayanvitam bhuvi nranam vairagyamevabhayam.

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Deepawali is the festival of light – one of the most prominently celebrated festivals in India. It is celebrated with Dhanteras onlegend of deepawali 13th day of Kartik Krishna Paksha, Narak Chaudas on 14th day of kartik Krishna Paksha (ie dark moon days of Kartik Month), followed by the main Deepawali festival itself on 15th day of Kartik Krishna Paksha. Coronation of King Vikramaditya was conducted on this day; hence it is also the start of new Hindu calendar year Vikram Samvat.

With the passage of time, many legends got associated with Deepawali. It is one of those festivals which comes with a package of ‘panch parva’ – (Five Festivals) . As it starts with Dhanteras, followed by Narak Chaturdasi or Choti Diwali, followed by Main Festival Deepawali, Govardhan Pooja and then Annakoot. There are different legends for different festivals, even there is a legend for each ritual performed on Deepawali. Below are some of the legends associated with Deepawali.:- [Read more…]