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Lord Krishna

Why I Love Krishna!!

Krishna – The Lord of Mischiefs

He is the one who is known for his mischiefs in his childhood, when not only his mother, but the whole village was pestered by his frequent delinquencies. He was an irrepressible child and a terrible prankster.

 He is the one who left all his friends of childhood behind at Vrindavan at the age of 11 years and never come back. He then never looked back again and was completely involved in Politics.

He is the one who lead the most disastrous war of History with a very terrible end. He is the one who motivated Arjun through his famous Bhagavad Gita to fight his near and dear ones at battle field thus ending the war after taking lots of Lives.

Inspite of all this what is that   in Krishna that he is the LORD  of everybody, why is that  I love him so much, why is that I try to take inspirations from him and look forward to lead my life the way he led his Life. What is that magic in Him. Why I could not resist myself to admire him once I look at him in the small temple at my House. What is that attraction? Why he is still able to mesmerise a lot of people even today after so many years of Mahabharata.

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Descent of Ganga

Legend of Ganga’s descent to Earth

Ganga is known as one of most sacred rivers in Hinduism. It is the backbone of the Hindu culture that has been nourishing the Indian Continent (Jambu Dweep) for ages and is still known for its purifying attributes. The Ganga Water is considered as sacred water and is supposed to retain its purity even after storing for several months. After Ganga’s descent to Earth, most of the temples, Ashrams, and cities are built and settled on its bank throughout its course from its origin to its mouth near Gangasagar. Total length of the Ganga river is around 2525 Kms  starting from western Himalayas in Uttarakhand and flows through Gangetic plains of North India till Bay of Bengal. The legend of Ganga’s descent to Earth is very interesting and will unfold many new things for the readers. Here it is:-

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Festival of Mahashivratri & its Significance in Hinduism


Mahashivratri is one of the most important festivals of Hinduism and is regarded as most auspicious time for spiritual progress and Sadhana. People who want even material things in life look towards this day of SHIVA to ask and fulfil all of their desires.Continue reading

Hindu Calender System - Panchang

Hindu New Year – Vikram Samvat & The Concept Behind It

How I Created a Scene On Hindu Calender System:-

Year 1989..That was my first day at Spring Dale College Class IVth. I was just 10 years old from a Hindu Hindu Calender System - Panchangand spiritually inclined family.I was very excited as I entered the gate of that big college campus. It is another matter that in those days I was still not aware of my myopia, and had still not started wearing glasses, because of which every thing beyond a certain radius sounded huge for me. And the world was big and blurred beyond that radius for me.

It happened when Mr. Sharp, our class teacher started taking attendance, like others at my turn he shouted my name also –Rajneesh Chaturvedi!! But after my ‘Present Sir he did not switch to the next student in turn, but asked my date of birth, which was probably not filled by me in the admission form.

Now it is at this point that the Scene started building for me, and I was never embarrassed that much in my life. It started with my reply— “Sir my birthday falls on second day of Rakhi!!!” It was all I knew about my birthday. Our family used to celebrate it as per Hindu Calender and tithi which everytime used to fall on second day of Rakhi (another Hindu Festival widely celebrated in North India). Though I could not see the facial expression of Mr. Sharp as the world was blurred at that distance for me (Oh yes I used to think it is same for everybody)But I was able to feel something stupid about myself when I saw the surprised expression of my classmate sitting next to me. Then I heard Mr. Sharp’s voice- “I want date of birth dear as per English calender, I am not concerned when you celebrate it”.Continue reading

Navratri 2015

Navratri – 2015 : Celebration of ParaShakti

Navratri 2015

With the arrival of festive season, the whole country is immersed with the sacred feelings of faith and devotion for Maa Durga. This Navratri starts from 13th  October 2015 to 22nd October 2015, which is basically as per Hindu Calender a period starting from Pratipada (First day) of brighter fortnight in  Ashwin Maas (Month). The Navratri Season comes four times as per Hindu Scriptures, out of which current Navratri also called Sharadiya Navratri (as it commences in the beginning of the Sharad Ritu (Winter Season) ), is of great importance. The way it is celebrated across all part of India in remarkable. You know this is the specialty of the land of festivals and saints, where every festival is celebrated with the zeal and enthusiasm which is apparent not only inside the hearts but also on the streets.

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