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By Rajneesh

 This is the secret of life and the secret of work and the strange thing about this secret is that it is right there in front of us every where,Secret of Life but we are unable to recognize it. We all knows about it, but it is too simple to be noticed. It is the simple law of life and secret behind any success story.Great personalities have undertaken toughest of the tasks, setting benchmarks for the world by following the simple law of work. To understand the secret, we must first realize the basic need for any work to be called as a successful accomplishment.  


goals of life There has to be a goal and a path to reach that goal for the success of a work. It is true that law of Karma may make your path a bit difficult to reach that goal, but Vedic Scriptures guide us that it is the same law of Karma, which equips you with all the necessary resources, arms and ammunition to deal with all types of difficulties in the path to success. It is only you who should be determined to move against all the odds and law of cause and effect will make sure that you are led successfully to your goal even if you had to sail upstream in the path of your success. There is always a free will allowed as per law of Karma, and each person can exercise his choices to achieve the desired goals.Only that the identification of goal is very important to realize it, and there is no point in struggling in life without even having a clue about what you want to do. The moment you decide to do something desperately in life, all the cosmic forces start working to help you out and suddenly you will realize that things have started falling into the places automatically.


Second most important thing to realize is path itself to reach your goals. You should be able to identify the opportunities presented by the life to reach your goal, and for that there has to be a plan and attention to the means in order to reach your goals. Now what happens sometimes goals become to big, pleasant and enchanting that we lost sight of our path, and then lead to nowhere on life. Today there is a term also a buzzword in corporate world – ‘result oriented’ also dominated over the real thing called ‘process oriented’. The problem with this approach is – you are aware of your goals, your results, but you do not know what is the rightful and sustainable approach to achieve those goals. Even if you realize your goals with a so called result oriented approach- you never know whether the path chosen be you is helpful only in short term leading to misery in long run, or it is really a sustainable recipe to success.

 Whenever there is a failure in life- 99% of the times, it is not because we did not pay attention to the end, but it is because we did not pay attention to the means. We forget that it is the cause which produces effect and effect do not come by itself. It is only the means to achieve an end and there is no other way to reach a goal without going through a valid path.


 When we analyse our life, we will find that most of the times when we fail to achieve anything, we can just cannot carry on and move forward and are so much attached to our lost goals that we are ultimately surrounded by miseries seems to be over powered by law of karma and hence starts behaving predictive. The only way to beat you past karmas is to not to over powered by situations of life, and not to get affected by failures. We must learn to move on and get rid of our sorrows which is only because of clinging to the goals that we have already lost. We know that clinging any further to that dream will only hurt us, still we cannot give it up. We should be able to come out of our miseries by giving up all our attachment to that particular thing, no matter how desperately our soul yearns for it.

 So the secret to success in a life, and to ultimate happiness is “PAY ATTENTION TO THE MEANS, BUT DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO THE END”

 This is what is taught in Bhagavd Gita’s famous verse on Karma Yoga.

 This is the secret of our life, success and failures although known to all, but can only be realized if we actually implement it in our lives, by taking up anything with full zeal and plan a path to achieve success in it, stick to our path, but do not get attached to the goal. Once the path or the means is taken care by us, goal or the end will automatically take care of itself.

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