July 19


Life- Success And Failures

By Rajneesh

Everything in Life comes in duality, whether it is days and nights, summers and winters, mind and matter created by GOD or it is the pleasure and pain, success and failures experienced by Man. It is so because both the  things are incomplete without each other. If there will not be failures, success will also cease to exist as both are two sides of same coin.

The irony is that we as humans inspite of knowing this fact from deep inside of our hearts, seek and pursue one side of coin only. We forget that both the pleasure and pain are mere a play of Divine Mother to make us learn the lessons of life. Life teaches us lessons and gives us tips to establish equanimity of mind in all situations. If Failures are not accepted and are not taken as a precious gift of life to give us an opportunity to learn, Successes in any case cannot be digested and no learnings can be derived out of it. We all know that on one hand success gives as pleasure along with confidence and on the other hand failures give us pain along with opportunity to introspect, thus proved to be a better teacher of life.

If Life is taken as an Ocean sending us tides of Sukh and Dukh at different intervals, then the nature of these tides may not be in our hand, but what is in our hand is our reaction towards these tides.  We may not be able to stop the tides of Dukh while allowing the tides of Sukha only, But we can surely control our mind and refrain it from being overpowered by varying emotional stimuli given by the Ocean of Life in the form of these tides.

We always have a choice to be happy always rather than getting affected and allow mood swings by the ups and downs of the Life. There is a difference in experiencing the momentarily pleasures and eternal bliss. If we are experiencing this world through our five senses, we will surely have to experience the pleasures and pains, Success and Failures also. But we can still be happy by choosing to be happy at all times, in all conditions. Manifesting excellence and to be happy are the two basic swadharma (nature) of our souls, It totally depends on us either to go against our soul or to align our actions to maintain the basic nature of our soul and performing well even at tough times, trying to excel in all the tests of LIFE.

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  1. acharya saab,
    apne sahi likha hai ki sukh aur dukh jeevan ke do pehlun hain. ek ke bina doosra adhura hai. agar humein hamesha sukh hi sukh mile , to bhi manushya shayad uss sukh se uub jaye aur kahe ki ab kuch naya lao. tab naya kya bacha – dukh. isliye dukh ke bina sukh adhura hai and vice versa. agar dukh na mile to sukh ki ahmiyat hi nahi rahegi. kaise pata chalega ki sukh kitna important hai. mera manna hai ki sukh aur dukh dono hi manushya ke andar uski antaraatma mein virajmaan hai. we can at any moment in our lives feel happy or sad. its totally and totally upto us. Lets take an example, there were two men driving their cars. And they both ran into each other and met with an accident, causing almost equal damage to both of them, One of them was very happy because he was alive and saved, while the other person was upset that his car broke down. So, its the mind frame of a person that makes him/ her happy and not the situation.

    Upon death of a close person we all feel very very sad and depreesed. Its so obvious and we all do and no one is an exception, including me. But, on the other hand we can think of it as a way, as also according to our mythological believes, that the person has achieved “moksha”. He is now free from the miseries of this world. If this mythological belief is true, then we shall feel happy about that person instead of feeling sad. I don’t want to say that we should rejoice on anyone’s death. But, they are contradictory thoughts being developed in human minds for thousands and thousands of years or since the origin of mankind. I said contradictory, because in our beliefs we all almost believe that death is a way to achieve moksha, but then also a human mind and heart feels very very sad and depressed on someone’s demise.


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