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By Rajneesh

Failures in life often disappoint us and weaken our belief in self. In the beginning we start to undertake our journey Life Struggleswith full zeal and enthusiasm and resort to face all the obstacles in the way to success with a positive outlook.

We promise ourselves that hardships of life will not be the hindrance to our goals and there will not be any shortfall in our efforts to achieve long term and short term goals of our life. With all our ambitions and aspirations, when we face failure at the very first place, it is like all our dreams are broken and lost forever, and inspite of all our efforts to recover from that sudden setback, we feel that negative forces originating from our emotions, are driving us in the entirely opposite direction and are not allowing us to arise and try again to reconstruct our dreams. People many times looking at the intensity of these forces, consider failure as their fate and do not have the courage to come out of their dispassion. At the same time people who dare to stand up again and to rebuild the path of their success are the ones who take leverage of even their failures. They surprisingly understand secret of work and study even their failures to get an edge over others in their next attempt to success. In a way they not only aspire for the success but also understand the importance of failing and consider this special event as one of the catalysts to achieving their long term goals of life.

If we go deeper to study our failures, we will find its four major positive attributes, yes you heard it right- ‘positive attributes’ which helps us to try again for an inevitable victory. These six attributes are as follows;-

1.Failures give us experience:-

Failures make us learn how not to do things in our next attempt. They make us experienced and thus learned in walking the path of success. There are people who are unable to forget the bad memories of their failed projects and there are people who succeed in forgetting all their failures, but ultimate winners are those who filter out the extract of learning from their failures, take a note of these learning and try to use it in making their recipe for success in their next attempt. This is the way winners do their karma and enjoy both the things at work place – success and failure.

2.Failures increase our hunger for success:-

The more you are deprived of success the more you should be desperate for it. It is only the attitude which matters. Either you surrender against the conditions and stop pursuing your goals any more, or you increase you longing for them and start your struggle to find your goals with a greater zeal. The fire of passion for success inside you should always increase every time winds of failure try to extinguish it. Failures not only make you experienced, but also increase your hunger for success.

3.Failures give value to success:-

Living a successful life

Success is sweet if over delayed and got after numerous struggles and defeats. Just like there is a value of light just after complete darkness, just like there is value of a fresh sunny morning after a dark and stormy night, there is the value of SUCCESS after FAILURE, as both are two sides of same coin complimenting the law of duality, where there is no existence of one without the other. Failures in life give value to our success, and make us shine with all glory of earning it rather than just getting it.

4.Failures make us free from dependency on external factors:-

When we struggle and succeed in spite of all odds in life, we make ourselves free from the dependency on luck. Whatever be the external conditions, No matter how hostile is our surroundings, how non cooperative are our colleagues, or anything which may affect our working, if we are committed to our goals, we remain persistent in our efforts in spite of all odds and adversities. By failing once or even twice, winners don’t get frustrated as they become used to the tough situations and are prepared to fight against all those factors stopping their progress to their desired goals.

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