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Will Power

Becoming Unstoppable : One Unique Thing to Nurture for Achieving Everything in Life

How Many times, you take a resolution with a very firm belief to break a bad habit, and later break the resolutionWill Poweritself. How many times you planned brilliantly for a venture and proceeded with a hope  for a sure shot success, but later you land up in an unfortunate failure. To be very honest it happens unlimited number of times in everyone’s life. If this was something rare, our lives would be a bed of roses. If all our ventures used to materialize as planned without fail, we all would be the Lucky Man of our worlds. Because we all plan things very beautifully , we take resolutions for the betterment of our lives. The only problem is that when we plan, we do it as per logic utilizing all the grey matter  we are equipped with. But when the time of implementation comes, our mind take over the charge and disapproves all what was proposed by our brain. This is the story of almost 99.99 % of the human population.Continue reading

Life is All about spiritual learning


Life is All about spiritual learning

In India science and religion are never considered two separate things. All Indian Scriptures talks about science and spirituality at the same platform and these two are never compartmentalized. It is because of this reason we can see that Vedas are not just the Instruction Manuals for Spiritual Practices, but also a vast sea of knowledge pertaining to different fields of science and advance technology.

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Life Struggles


Failures in life often disappoint us and weaken our belief in self. In the beginning we start to undertake our journey Life Struggleswith full zeal and enthusiasm and resort to face all the obstacles in the way to success with a positive outlook.

We promise ourselves that hardships of life will not be the hindrance to our goals and there will not be any shortfall in our efforts to achieve long term and short term goals of our life. With all our ambitions and aspirations, when we face failure at the very first place, it is like all our dreams are broken and lost forever, and inspite of all our efforts to recover from that sudden setback, we feel that negative forces originating from our emotions, are driving us in the entirely opposite direction and are not allowing us to arise and try again to reconstruct our dreams. People many times looking at the intensity of these forces, consider failure as their fate and do not have the courage to come out of their dispassion. Continue reading


 This is the secret of life and the secret of work and the strange thing about this secret is that it is right there in front of us every where,Secret of Life but we are unable to recognize it. We all knows about it, but it is too simple to be noticed. It is the simple law of life and secret behind any success story.Great personalities have undertaken toughest of the tasks, setting benchmarks for the world by following the simple law of work. To understand the secret, we must first realize the basic need for any work to be called as a successful accomplishment.  Continue reading


Life – A Continuous Stream of Good and Bad Events

Fear & AnxietyLife is a continuous stream of events with good and bad experiences. Sometimes we feel nervous, depressed and sometimes we feel happy and joyful. All these mood swings are called the ups and downs of life. Am I right…Wrong!!

If life was so simple that its ups and downs are only our mood swings, then these were under our control, because we always have choice to be happy always or to be reactive on every stimulus of life. But forces of life are not our emotions – they are big tragedy events, which do not give us time to recover and rectify our mistakes but only allow us to regret. Possibly when we start considering small inconveniences as our bad time of life, the Divine Powers try to show us the bigger versions of pain. So if we really consider our mood swings, our fear and our anxiety for little worries as our pains, that means we have yet not seen the big picture.Continue reading