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By Rajneesh

Life – A Continuous Stream of Good and Bad Events

Fear & AnxietyLife is a continuous stream of events with good and bad experiences. Sometimes we feel nervous, depressed and sometimes we feel happy and joyful. All these mood swings are called the ups and downs of life. Am I right…Wrong!!

If life was so simple that its ups and downs are only our mood swings, then these were under our control, because we always have choice to be happy always or to be reactive on every stimulus of life. But forces of life are not our emotions – they are big tragedy events, which do not give us time to recover and rectify our mistakes but only allow us to regret. Possibly when we start considering small inconveniences as our bad time of life, the Divine Powers try to show us the bigger versions of pain. So if we really consider our mood swings, our fear and our anxiety for little worries as our pains, that means we have yet not seen the big picture.

Scan Your Life & Analyse It

Just to analyse your life, just start scanning it from your childhood to this day- and then you will realize there are infinite number of times that you were afraid and depressed for  small things, which now seems to be not worthy of getting worried. Whether it is our fear for going to school for the first time, our nervousness during our final exams, our depression after the declaration of results, our interviews for jobs and many other such small things, which were looking big at the time its happening. But are they really matter today in your life. You will realize NO. Because life has always given us a second chance for those things. Believe me once we realize this thing, we get rid of all our negative emotions that gets triggered for every bad thing happening in life.

Get Rid of Your Fear of Failure and Thus Anxiety

Our fear of failure and our worries about our future only decrease our efficiency to deal with things in life. Once we decides to get rid of these unproductive emotions, we are definitely through with 90% of the issues of our life. Believe me our Life, Success and Failures most of the times depends on our attitude towards it and our ability to control our mind and its emotions.

Channelise Your Emotions In Positive Direction

Once we learn to control our emotions, we should try to channelise them to attain our goals and objectives in life. Our emotions on one hand can paralyze us to act in difficult times, on the other hand they can also give us strength if used properly to achieve a cause goal in hand. They can act as catalyst in life enabling us and getting us in action with passion and belief in ourselves. As per Swami Vivekananda in his Complete Works:-

…various passions and feelings and emotions in the human heart are not wrong in themselves; only they have to be carefully controlled and given a higher and higher direction, until they attain the very highest condition of excellence.”

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