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What is Mind and How does it connect us to the Cosmos

By Rajneesh

The Mind has Infinite Potential:Mind has got infinite potential

It is said that we as inhabitants of the planet Earth have always taken all the precious things given to us by GOD for granted. Whether it is natural resources of the planet- air, water, vegetation or it is the five senses of our body to perceive this world. The mind is also one among those which we never valued. There are two basic reasons behind it- 

1- It is given free to us and is available with every human being on the Earth.

2- Man is still not aware of the infinite powers/ capabilities mind possess that can let him manifest almost everything in the Cosmos.

Taking the example of the Stephen Hawking who inspite of his rare and deadly motor neurone disease had proved himself to the world as a great Scientist- all because he was aware of the infinite potential of his mind, and used same manifesting great will power.

What is Mind:-

By definition as per vedic scriptures Mind is one of the seventeen tattvas of our astral body (Sukshma Shareer). It is also one of the organs to perceive this world – a level of consciousness. It is to be noted that ‘Mind’ also called Manas is not what its literal meaning in English is. Our Astral body as per ‘Tattvabodh’ constitutes seventeen tattvas – they are as follows:-

  • 5 Karma-Indriyas
  • 5 Jnana-Indriyas
  • 5 Pranas
  • Mind i.e. Manas
  • Intellect i.e Buddhi

Mind is not a tangible or gross thing hence it cannot be seen physically by

the scientists, its magnitude cannot be measured. It can only be felt in the form of Consciousness. In fact Mind and Matter are the two primary resources responsible for the creation of the cosmos. As per vedanta what comes in mind will manifest in matter. Mind has infinite capabilities for that matter.

Mind and it Mysteries:-

Mind do not require physical space to manifest, a vast majority of men are not aware of its existence and operations. Yogis do know about it and spend years in taming it. For scientists Mind is a synonym of Brain where nerves bring the sensations from the periphery of the spinal cord to the medulla oblongata at the back of the head where the fibres decussate. From there, they pass on to the superior frontal gyrus or superior frontal convolution of the brain in the forehead, the supposed seat of the intellect or mind. The mind feels the sensations and sends motor impulses through the afferent nerves to the extremities—hands, legs, etc. It is a brain-function only for them. 

But yogis are not only aware of it and its powers, but also they practise meditation to control Mind and its subtle working.

It is through Mind that Brahman (GOD) manifests Himself as the differentiated Universe with heterogenous objects. Mind is made of very subtle matter with different grades of intensity. All minds are connected to each other in the cosmos through Cosmic Mind which is also called ‘Hiranyagarbha’ in Hindu Scriptures. Hiranyagarbha is the sum total of all the individual minds (Samashti). Thats why its is also called Super Consciousness or Universal Mind. Hiranyagarbha is Cosmic Prana also represents all types of powers that exists in Cosmos. Thats why when an individual mind is in tune with the Cosmic Mind, it also acquires power to attract every thing. This is the basic foundation on which much talked about ‘Law of Attraction’ rests upon.

Relationship between Individual Mind and Cosmic Mind:-Law of Interconnectedness

To understand the exact relationship between the individual mind and cosmic mind, it is to be noted that Hiranyagarbh i.e. Cosmic Mind or Universal Mind represents the electric, cosmic, powerhouse. The different jivas (individual souls) represent the different small bulbs. Electricity from the powerhouse flows through the insulated copper wires into the bulbs. Similarly, the power from Universal Mind flow into the Jivas.

The mind is very subtle and is always connected to the other minds with the waves of the consciousness, although they are physically separated from each other. But as mind evolves (with the help of techniques like Japam, Meditation, Yoga) and an individual comes into conscious relation with mental currents, with the minds of others- near and distant, not only living but also dead. As astral body of a person with his soul (atman), mind (manas) and intellect (buddhi) exists even after the physical body is perished.

The individual mind of A, although separated from the mind-substance used by other individuals, B, C, D, E, X, Y, etc., by a thin wall of very finest kind of matter, is really in touch with the other apparently separated minds and with the universal mind of which it forms a part. 

In this manner, one mind is in touch with all minds in the whole world.

Interesting- Now How to leverage a Minds capability in our various Life applications. Is there any way where we can tame and control our mind thus excel in every domain of our life….

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