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Why I Love Krishna!!

By Rajneesh

Krishna – The Lord of Mischiefs

He is the one who is known for his mischiefs in his childhood, when not only his mother, but the whole village was pestered by his frequent delinquencies. He was an irrepressible child and a terrible prankster.

 He is the one who left all his friends of childhood behind at Vrindavan at the age of 11 years and never come back. He then never looked back again and was completely involved in Politics.

He is the one who lead the most disastrous war of History with a very terrible end. He is the one who motivated Arjun through his famous Bhagavad Gita to fight his near and dear ones at battle field thus ending the war after taking lots of Lives.

Inspite of all this what is that   in Krishna that he is the LORD  of everybody, why is that  I love him so much, why is that I try to take inspirations from him and look forward to lead my life the way he led his Life. What is that magic in Him. Why I could not resist myself to admire him once I look at him in the small temple at my House. What is that attraction? Why he is still able to mesmerise a lot of people even today after so many years of Mahabharata.

Why I Love Krishna?

Inspite of all the mishappenings specially the most terrible war of all times, he is considered as the most perfect Avatar (Incarnation) of GOD in Hinduism . Why??

The answer lies in not the incidents that happen to him during his life time, but in the ways he responded to all those events. In the ways he made his choices efficiently even in difficult times keeping  his calm and composure setting an example for the human race to be able to  get yourself involved in intense action but not at all attached and trapped with the  situation.

Lord Krishna

Lets look at his Life  once again, this time taking a note of all those positive things as well which we missed in the  beginning of this post.:-

Life of Lord Krishna

Yes its true that Krishna is the one, known for his mischiefs  in childhood, but at the same time he is the one who never missed any  chance of helping the people around, whether he has to put his life in danger by jumping into the Yamuna river to fetch a Ball for his friends while playing and facing the poisonous Kalia Nag or whether it is the case of fighting for the rights of his villagers and saving them from the wrath of Indra by lifting the Goverdhan Parvat ( Mountain) on his finger. He  was always there to help his friends. Although he left all his friends to execute the greater assignments of his life further, but Krishna was the one who welcomed a surprised Sudama with open arms at his  palace when his childhood friend approached him for help. We all quoted  their friendship  as the most ideal one. Krishna inspite of all his mischiefs had always been kind and  helpful to others But  at the same time he always was detached, as his love was not for only his family or his friends or his village. His love was for everybody. Just like a river never discriminate while nourishing the vegetation around  at its banks during its course from its source to its end. Similarly Krishna’s love was never discriminatory  and was showered at everybody around  him.  And its because of this reason when he  left Vrindavan he left many with broken hearts.

Composed Krishna- Even in Odds

Krishna himself was always calm and composed, even in the toughest of the situations of his Life. Although He  led the most terrible war of History but he tried his  best to avoid the war , to negotiate and to get things resolved peacefully. But for the sake of Dharma , he was also the one who in the middle of the battle field did not resist in reminding Arjuna of his duties. He never found himself anxious or uncertain – not able to take decisions/actions because of the odd situation. He was the intense action taker. His Karma Yoga do  not talk of waiting for the results as every thing  is fixed as  per previous Karma, but his Karma Yoga advocates actions and only actions to change the destiny, to  change the  odds into even. His Karma Yoga teaches us take action, but at the same time keeping  the calm. 

Swadharma - Role of Self in Difficult Times

It was only Him who taught  the world that we can be joyful even while taking actions in the difficulties of Life flowing the upstream against all odds. He taught us to fight , to act and to create our own destiny. He taught us not to be slave of our previous Karma and of our situations, but to be able  to change the course of our life by our fresh  Karmas. He  taught us to be free. Free from our dependancy  on external objects, people, and situations of Life for our happiness.

I Love Krishna!!!

Krishna was a truly valiant warrior and taught us the same to be able to fight against the obstacles of Life and act when our Swadharma calls for same. He was an astute Statesman, a King Maker and off course a Yogi  of the highest  order. Involved in all the activities deeply but still not getting  affected by it mentally. It is always a smiling Krishna that comes to our mind, and not an anxious one.

It is because of all the above reasons – I Love Krishna, I want to be Krishna, I am Krishna!!!

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Why I Love Krishna!!

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